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I N D R A ' S : N E T
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machine modulated poetry | books unbound
(Plastic) Literary Objects | POtential LIterary OUtlawry


Work from the 'Indra's Net' project has been previously exhibited and demonstrated as follows:

May 1990: Installation of 'wine flying' at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

8 May 1991: First computer-assisted performance of 'Indra's Net or Hologography', 'Poets in Action', Museum of Modern Art, Oxford.

Sep 1992: Installation of 'Indra's Net or Coverless Books' in the Poetry Library, South Bank Centre, London.

Oct-Nov 1992: 'Indra's Net or Coverless Books' at the Learning Resources Centre, Middlesex University, Tottenham Campus.

29 Apr 1993: 'Indra's Net'. Presentation/ performance of the 'Indra's Net' project at the Voice Box, Royal Festival Hall, South Bank Centre.

5 Sep-24 Oct 1993: Installation of 'Coverless Books' at the Museum of Modern Art, Oxford in conjunction with part 2 of an exhibition of contemporary Chinese art, 'China Avant-Garde'.

18 Nov 1993: Presentation of 'Collocations' for the 'Digital Dreams' conference sponsored by Artec, Northern Arts and the hosts, Newcastle College, School of Art & Design, Newcastle- upon-Tyne.

15 Mar 1994: Reading/Performance with John James at Subvoicive, London. 'Collocations' and 'Sex & Language' shown from the 'Indra's Net' project.

28 Nov 1994-15 Jan 1995: One gallery devoted to an 'Indra's Net' installation in the exhibition 'Mapping Knowledge: Exploring Book Art' at The Minories Gallery, Colchester. Curated for CADVAT by Les Bicknell.

6-9 Apr 1995:Indra's Net pieces demonstrated at the 3rd Austin International Poetry Festival, Texas.

24 Apr 1995: Talk/performance with Lisa Raphals at the East West Gallery, London.

12 May-25 June 1995: 'Indra's Net and Other Evocations'. Installation at Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham, UK to coincide with the 'Birmingham Readers and Writers Festival'.

19-20 June 1995: Installation at Goldsmiths College, University of London during the 'Embodied Knowledge Virtual Space' conference.

7-21 Jul 1995: Indra's Net pieces included in an exhibition of literary hypertext and cybertext in Cleveland, USA.

25 Aug-23 Sept 1995: Visual Poetry from Indra's Net included in the 'CORTEXt' exhibition at the Hermetic Gallery, Milwauke, USA. (Catalogue: 'CORTEXt: a survey of recent visual poetry'.)

7-9 Sept 1995: Installation and Position Paper, 'Machine Modulated Poetry: Beyond Hypertext', at the Eighth Annual Conference on Writing and Computers, London. Extract of talk published as: 'MaMoPo by PoLiOu: Machine Modulated Poetry by Potential Literary Outlaws', Writing and Computers Newsletter, No. 12, Nov. 1995, pp. 6-9.

Oct 1995: A new Indra's Net, 'Book Unbound' published on CD in an issue of the UK-based multi-media, multi-format magazine, ENGAGED. For further information, send them an email message to

Nov-Dec 1995: Seminars given on Cybertext and Indra's net at Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge, UK.

26 Jan 1996: Lecture on Indra's Net, Cybertext, Hologography at the University of Middlesex, London, UK.

7 Feb 1996: Lecture on the future of the book at Camberwell College of Art and Crafts, London UK.

12-14 Apr 1996: 'Cybertext and the Performance of (Plastic) Literary Objects,' presentation / performance for 'Performance Writing,' an interdiciplinary symposium held at Dartington College of Arts, UK. Information from Writing Research Associates.

11 May - 23 June 1996 (and touring): Midlands Arts Centre (and touring) Oisleánd: commission for a machine modulated work as part of a touring exhibition (various arts centres throughout the UK) of visual representations of poetry entitled 'Words Revealed'.

29 Aug - 2 Sept 1996: Paper and performance for 'Assembling Alternatives: An International Poetry Conference/Festival' at the New England Center, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, USA.

3 Nov 1996: at the ICA, London, as part of 'Chinese Online,' presentation for 'The Potential of the Internet for New Writing - a Seminar'.

13 Feb 1997: at the Slade School of Art, UC London. Performance and presentation for a two day event on text-based art jointly organized by the Slade, Dartington College of Art and Central St Martin's School of Art.

18 Mar 1997: 'Night of the Living Tongues 2' at The Junction, Cambridge. Showing of 'The Speaking Clock' and a new collaboration with Kenneth Goldsmith, 'soliloClock'.

10 Apr 1997: presentation for a panel on 'Hypertext and the Future of Authorship' at the ACM Hypertext 1997 conference, University of Southampton, 9-11 Apr 1997.

27 May 1997: joint perfomance of a cybertextually enhanced version of 'Where the Sea Stands Still' with and by Yang Lian, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

27 June 1997: Lecture on Indra's Net, Cybertext, Hologography at the University of Middlesex, London, UK.

(The disk publications of Indra's Net are in the collection of the National Art Library housed at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK where they can be made available to readers.)

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